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BYE WEEK OPEN THREAD: Sleepin in', running errands, and daydrinking.

Discuss all the goings on of the weekend here, with us. You know you wanna.

Jamie McDonald

I slept in. I then took my dog on a walk. I did that while drinking a thermos full of Irish coffee because I HAD MIDTERMS THIS WEEK SO I CAN DO THAT OKAY DON'T JUDGE ME. I then plopped down here on my couch to watch SPOARTS all weekend.

If you'd like to join virtually join me, then great. This should be fun.

The games we're watching this week are:

  • LSU v. Texas A&M - Johnny "Dumb Nickname" Manziel against the LSU defense. Something's gotta give.
  • Auburn v. Vanderbilt - Go Dores? I just want to see gnashing of teeth here.
  • Sakerlina v. Florida - No jokes here. This should be a great football game.
  • Texas Tech v. TCU - At this point, I think that Tubs is lobbying for the Arkansas job. Let's see how that works for him.
  • Kansas Sate v. West Virginia - Literal old man football meets the most schizophrenic program in recent memory.

I'm also going to drink margaritas and not wear clean clothes. YAY WEEKENDS!