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Rebel Roundup: October 2, 2012

Ole Miss Rebel News and Notes

Kevin C. Cox - Getty Images

Initial Impressions from Ole Miss Game |
Our Bama bretheren at their little corner of the SB Nation tubernets are both frustrated with the Tide's offensive output as well as impressed with our defensive performance, as our Rebels held Alabama to the lowest yardage and points total they've had all year - in Tuscaloosa no less.

I won't say they're "there" yet, but the defense is coming along really, really nicely.

Denzel Nkemdiche Named SEC Co-defensive PotW |
For notching 11 tackles, two sacks, and a forced fumble against Alabama, Rebel linebacker Denzel Nkemdiche was honored by the conference. Pound-for-pound, Nkemdiche is arguably the best defender we have right now.

Ole Miss QB Batle Could Be Brewing Again | EotC
Look at ol' Hugh Kellenburger STIRRIN UP TROUBLE AGAIN at the CLARION LIAR!1 (Okay, to be fair, Hugh Freeze - the good Hugh - said that there would be "more competition" this week due to the turnover issues we've had.)

Ole Miss Returns Home to Face Aggies |
Is anybody else around here about sick of these teams from Texas?

Alabama Fans Survive Crash Landing, Hitchhike to Game |
Tip of the hat to these fans, who won't let a horrifying event causing them to starte death in the face to keep them away from their football team. It's these little bits of insanity that make college football great.