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Red Cup Radio with Kleph and Christian Morgan

Who'da thunk that a bye week would provide one of the better episodes of Red Cup Radio?

Rebel commitment Christian Morgan
Rebel commitment Christian Morgan
Bud Elliot

If you're not listening to Red Cup Radio then, well, okay I can't blame you. But if you're going to maybe spend an hour listening to one episode of this season thus far, then do yourself the favor of checking out the episode we recorded last night. For a bye week, or any week, it is one of the best episodes we've ever recorded.

First, Kleph of Roll Bama Roll, who is conducting research on the integration of SEC Football, joined me in a discussion the 50th anniversaries of the integrations of Ole Miss and Alabama and the impacts these events have had on both schools and football programs.

Then, Rebel tight end commitment Christian Morgan out of Plano, Texas joined us for a few minutes to talk about his recruitment, his decision to commit to the Rebs, and his impressions of the Ole Miss program and coaches moving forward. Definitely a can't miss type of interview for any Ole Miss fan.

And, as always, we finished the show with our pick 'em because we love picking things, especially 'em. (We'll have the standings and such up soon.)

Click this link here to give the show a listen. Click this link here to visit Rebel Sports Radio's website and, if you wouldn't mind, give them a follow on Twitter at @RebelSportRadio.