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C Dwight Coleby Commits to Ole Miss

The 6'9", 230 pound center chose Ole Miss over Memphis.

Randy Sartin-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Yesterday, Andy Kennedy's recruiting class picked up a huge piece of the puzzle in Dwight Coleby. As many of you are aware, Reggie Buckner and Murphy Holloway, our only proven big men, are both seniors this year. While there are players on the roster who could step into their shoes, none are as athletic as the seniors.

Enter Dwight Coleby, a true center whose athleticism and physical attributes are incredibly promising. Coleby (of Piney Woods, MS) chose Ole Miss over offers from Memphis, Arkansas, and Mississippi State. His selection was delayed twice as he was torn back and forth between Memphis and Ole Miss. Ultimately, he chose the Rebels despite our facilities and fan base being inferior to those of Memphis.

He's a strong player but is quite raw as he hasn't been playing basketball in the U.S. all that long. Coleby is from the Bahamas but moved to Mississippi with his family. He plays with his back to the basket but is very capable in transitions as well. He's our closest big man to a sure-thing since Buckner signed with the Rebels four years ago.

Coleby is the first commitment for the 2013 class and will sign in November. We will have at least three spots available (with Buckner, Holloway, and Nick Williams graduating), so expect them to sign at least two more prospects. Past that, there's almost always turn over, so they could sign more. I know they'll be looking for one more big man to help ensure that they have some capable men down low. Aside from that, I would guess we'll add a shooting guard or a wing.

Either way, Coleby's commitment is a big deal.