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Pollin': Week 7 BlogPoll and SEC Power Poll Ballots

Of course Alabama remains the number one team in the country.

Jamie Squire - Getty Images

Red Cup Rebellion's ballot for this week rewards LSU, Oregon State, Oklahoma, and others, while punishing South Carolina, West Virginia, Texas, and apparently Georgia and Clemson for the hell of it.

The way I see it right now is that there are a few distinct tiers of college football teams right now. There's Alabama, then there's the six or seven teams contending to lose to Alabama in the BCS National Championship game, followed by the Georgias and Texas Techs of the college football world - the "we're good but not going to win our conference championship or anything" teams - and then those who are just happy to be here.

The SEC Power Poll ballot for this week is:

  1. Alabama - The process continues.
  2. Florida - The other undefeated SEC team.
  3. LSU - Offensively, they're still a hot mess. But they've got it figured out everywhere else.
  4. South Carolina - Really, LSU and Carolina are close enough to be virtually tied.
  5. Georgia - I hate that we have to wait two weeks to see the WLOCP.
  6. Texas A&M - Yes, the Aggies have a more impressive resume than state. Yes, they have a loss, but it was to a top-5 Florida team by a mere field goal.
  8. Arkansas - They're starting to figure it out.
  9. Ole Miss - WINNING RECORD!
  10. Vanderbilt - Hung in there with Florida early. Vandy has the talent and to compete in a way that a handful of SEC teams don't.
  11. Tennessee - We're going to keep calling it a Crooming, but the fact remains that, for most of the Southeastern Conference, losing to Mississippi State will get you fired.
  12. Mizzou - I think we all probably felt that Missouri would be more competitive than this.
  13. Kentucky - Will have a hell of a time working to outbid Auburn for Bobby Petrino's contract.
  14. Auburn - :(