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Pollin': Week Five BlogPoll and Power Poll Ballots

Alabama stays put, but there was significant movement throughout the top-25.

John David Mercer-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

So I've drafted the Cup's BlogPoll ballot, but I am not all that confident in it. Of course the top three teams changed, Stanford dropped (slightly), and Baylor was flung out of the poll, arms and legs hopelessly flailing about like one of their defensive backs would against Georgia, but the rest is just sorta meh.

It's tough to make a top-25 at this point in this season. There are just too many "well so and so beat so and so" and "could these guys really beat those guys" situations here. Regardless, here's the draft ballot. Sound off in the comments to ask questions or let me know what should change.

The SEC Power Poll ballot is after the jump.

  1. Alabama - No comments necessary
  2. Georgia - If they can keep the turnovers to a minimum, they've got the East locked up. Well, maybe.
  3. South Carolina - Talented and schizophrenic.
  4. LSU - Even more talented and even more schizophrenic.
  5. Florida - This weekend's matchup against LSU is huge for both the Gators and Tigers.
  6. Texas A&M - Absolutely unstoppable against Arkansas. Now, with Florida winning and their early game having such a close margin, it's becoming clear that, of the new guys, Texas A&M is the most ready to compete in this league.
  7. Mississippi State - Again, by default.
  8. Tennessee - The Vols have an identity and really are a few defensive playmakers away from being much more competitive.
  9. Mizzou - They've played about as well as Ole Miss.
  10. Ole Miss - NOT LAST!
  11. Auburn - I'm actually really looking forward to this weekend's Auburn vs. Arkansas game. It will give us a real idea as to just how beatable one or the other truly is.
  12. Vanderbilt - Yes, they've only won one game, but they've played really good teams. All of their losses have come to teams in the top-25, two coming from the top-ten.
  13. Kentucky - I admired their effort against South Carolina.
  14. Arkansas - The 113rd ranked scoring defense in the country doesn't look good on anybody.