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Dundrecous "CousCous" Nelson Arrested

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Insult our injuries OPD has, as Rebel guard Dundrecous Nelson was arrested early yesterday morning on drug paraphernalia charges per the zenith of local Mississippian journalism, According to Ben Garrett of, CousCous was arrested in his apartment after the police smelled traces of marijuana smoke and found whatever it was that led to the paraphernalia charge.

Before the arrival of the Oxford police, Nelson attempted to dispose of the aforementioned paraphernalia by throwing it out his window. He was 30-ish feet away, though, and after a knee-jerk of a heave, the offending materials landed a few feet shy of the windowsill.*

Coach Kennedy is aware of Nelson's arrest, and is doing his "due diligence" regarding the situation. Kennedy and staff reportedly have a "zero tolerance" policy with drug use on the team, and aren't sure how they will proceed with Nelson post-arrest.

*Yes, I know this joke is terrible, but it had to be made.