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RCRuiting: Ole Miss Picks Up Some Commitments, and Jeremy Liggins Rumors Fly

National Signing day, a de facto holiday among those of us who follow college football recruiting, is a mere two days away, meaning that the annual flurry of announcements, rumors, and speculation are clogging up our blogs, message boards, and Twitter feeds. As such, we are hoping to keep up with everything we can, recruiting wise, as best as we can.

This past weekend, Ole Miss hosted its last round of official visitors, amongst whom were some of Hugh Freeze's more sought after 'crootin targets. The staff also hosted its first junior day, inviting 30-ish class of 2013 prospects from in and around Mississippi to visit the campus and meet coaches and players. That yielded some promising results as well. Commitments from this weekend are:

  • Quintavius Burdette, an athlete out of Senatobia.
  • Andy Pappanastos, a kicker out of Montgomery, AL
  • Nathan Noble, another kicker out of Greenville (you've gotta assume that one of these two will punt)
  • Cody Core, a wide receiver out of Auburn, AL
  • Davion Johnson, a 2013 offensive line prospect out of Byhalia

Other notes?

  • Ole Miss is in better shape with Memphis athlete Sheldon Dawson than they were before, but it still seems pretty likely that the Ridgeway star will sign with Georgia.
  • Khalid Henderson is likely to sign with Kentucky. The former Tennessee commit out of Georgia has whittled his choices down to OM and UK, and his visit to Lexington this past weekend probably sealed the deal.
  • Regarding 2013 prospects, Kailo Moore and Antonio Connor seem impressed enough with Ole Miss. Let's hope this holds true, because the two of them are arguably the best skill position guys in Mississippi high school football for their class.

Now, onto Jeremy Liggins...

As Sir Francis Drank said earlier, Liggins is gonna commit to LSU. We'll happily eat crow pie (and a crow turnover, a crow empanada, a crow struedel... really, any sort of blackbird pastry) if we're wrong here, but we have no reason other than our own biases to think otherwise.

It sucks, because we're pretty sure he'll become some sort of all-SEC quarterback who amasses 400+ total yards of offense for three straight years, but such is to be expected 'round these parts. We'll have more recruiting coverage as it happens, so stick around for the next few days.