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Red Cup Radio Debuts on Rebel Sports Radio


With apologies to Ben Garrett, we will be making our debut on Rebel Sports Radio (webpage, Twitter, Facebook) at 9:00 AM Central time today. The show was choppy, mostly because One Man To Beat was drinking and grilling chicken while calling into the show via an iPad; Juco's internet was slow; and I'm a bit rusty at this whole MC'ing deal. It'll get better and more entertaining as the show develops though, so be patient with us. Many thanks to Austin Miller, the sports editor of the Daily Mississippian, for coming on to share with us what he would like to see out of this program for the new year.

Let us know if there is anything you'd like to see with next week's show. We're happy to take any comments or criticism you may have. We hope you enjoy the show.

[Download the RebelSportsRadio app on your Apple or Android device to listen to all of the shows featured on the channel 24/7. Some of them are good, others are great, and then there's ours.]