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Ole Miss Rebels vs. South Carolina Gamecocks - A Brief Preview and an OPEN THREAD

Happy Saturday, y'all. We're not going to go too in depth with this preview because a) we're not too excited about Rebel basketball and b) it's as close to a gimme win as we're gonna get in the SEC. South Carolina is 9-10 on the year with a 1-4 SEC record. Their one conference win - a 56-54 home game over Alabama - came on a thrilling last-second layup by Bruce Ellington. South Carolina does have a lot of momentum after that game, and is likely looking to exploit the now-deflated Rebel season (dramatic? sure) as they trip to Oxford.

Still, South Carolina is, simply put, the worst basketball team in the SEC. The chance of them beating the Rebels in the Tad Pad is slim to none. Ole Miss might be inconsistent, but I woudln't call them bad, just yet.

Game: Ole Miss v. South Carolina

Location: The Tool Pool

Time: 6:00 PM Central

Television: ESPN3