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Rebel Roundup - January 16, 2012

Happy MLK Day
We have the day off of work, meaning that we won't be too active on the blog, Twitter, Facebook, and so forth. We will record Red Cup Radio tonight, though, so let us know if there's anything you wanna hear us ramble about.

Auburn denies Ole Miss | The Commercial Appeal
I suffered through the grainy ESPN3 feed to watch the Rebel defeat on the plains of Alabama, which was truly the most Ole Miss outcome imaginable. With just a few minutes to go in the second half, the Rebels overcame a double-digit deficit to a significantly less talented Auburn team to tie the game. The Rebels could have potentially avoided overtime, though, when they wound up with the ball in their hands with 6-ish seconds to go. Instead of using their remaining timeout and drawing up some sort of a structured play, they opted for the Jarvis Summers "heave towards the general direction of the basket" move. It didn't work. Ten frustrating minutes later, Jarvis Summers would fall short again in the waning seconds of OT2.

This isn't a knock on Summers; the guy's going to be great for us. He just doesn't have the experience to fully command the offense, especially on the road in a close SEC contest.

Cordarrelle Patterson loves Ole Miss visit | ESPN
[INSIDER] Junior College wideout Cordarrelle Patterson really enjoyed his time in Oxford this past weekend, it seems:

The people there are terrific, and I like the new staff. All the coaches are pretty cool. I think they are going to run the same offensive scheme they ran at Arkansas State, which is good. I honestly didn’t think the visit would be like that. I really like the people. That visit stood out and Ole Miss is at the top of the list.

He really liked the girls, per reports. That's not a joke.

Recruiting Update | EotC Blog
Gone is Jake Meador from the Rebel commitment list, and added is offensive tackle Robert Conyers.

Ole Miss Rebels name coordinators | The Commercial Appeal
The hiring of Dan Werner became official this past Friday. Welcome back to Ole Miss, Coach Werner. Make Bo Wallace a decent-to-good SEC quarterback if you could. Kthx.