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Ole Miss Rebel Mens Basketball Looking for first Road SEC Win

Ole Miss plays Auburn at, um, now-ish (12:00 PM Central time) on the Plains. Auburn is 0-2 on the year in SEC play so far, with understandable losses to two of the conference's most talented squads, Kentucky and Vanderbilt. Ole Miss is 1-1 after a surprising victory over the Arkansas Razorbacks in the Tad Pad and a pulled-hair and gnashed-teeth inducing, 20+ point loss to the LSU Tigers in Baton Rouge.

For Ole Miss to win this game, the formula followed during the Arkansas victory should be followed closely. Ole Miss will need to control possessions by winning the rebound battle. Turnovers will also be key to the game, but not as much as others. Ole Miss had more than a handful of turnovers against Arkansas, if you'll recall, but still had control of the pace and flow of the ball.

Of note was Ole Miss' performance from beyond the arc against Arkansas. Ole Miss didn't make a single three point shot taken (largely due to the dismissal of CousCous), a feat which the Rebels haven't "accomplished" since the mid-1990's. That's like last millennium, y'all. Even then, though, the Rebels were able to win. If Ole Miss can dominate the boards again and make some three-point balls, expect a Rebel victory.


Ole Miss 68; Auburn 60