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Rebel Roundup - January 12, 2012

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Murphy Holloway Leads Ole Miss to Victory | Commercial Appeal
Big Murph had a big game last night, tallying 19 points and 14 rebounds to lead Ole Miss in a 71 to 63 victory over the visiting Arkansas Razorbacks. This game, his first back from a high ankle sprain, serves as prima facie evidence of his value to the Ole Miss basketball team and any potential for success they may have this season.

But it wasn't just Murphy Holloway who made a difference. Nick Williams scored 18 points and the entire Rebel team shot an impressive .500 from the floor. It was as complete a game Ole Miss could have hoped for in the wake of Dundrecous' Nelson's dismissal.

Ex-Giles County Star Commits to Ole Miss | The Tennesseean
The potential for playing time and a coaching staff familiar to Bo Wallace is what led to his eventual commitment to the Rebels. Sayeth Bo:

Going in, I’m more comfortable knowing Coach Freeze’s offense already. I feel like that gives me a leg up on (the other Ole Miss quarterbacks) in the open competition right now.

Ole Miss Understands Why Mississippi State Would Want to Advertise in Oxford | Hugh
When the EotC asked Michael Thompson how he felt about Mississippi State's "Play with the BEST" billboard being placed no more than a mile from the Ole Miss campus entrance on Jackson Avenue West, the Associate AD donned his best trollface and offered this response:

You’re going to spend money in good markets… (Oxford) is a powerful market for anybody to want to market to

What's left out is that State is clearly trying to win over Lafayette County quarterback Jeremy Liggins by posting ads outside of his favorite Wendy's. (Which doesn't make any damn sense to me why that one would be anybody's favorite Wendy's. The Frostee machine is always "broken" when you're craving one the most.)

Running Back Mike Hilton: Committed to Ole MIss, but Will Visit UNC |
Hilton, a 5'9" 175 pound athlete per, is the next Dexter McCluster Derrick Herman. Of course we need warm bodies in lots of thinner spots on the Rebel depth chart, but I wouldn't fret over losing the prospect to the Tar Heels.

Demaryius Thomas and Calvin Johnson Leading ACC Alumni in NFL Playoffs | FromTheRumbleSeat
Don't let the Georgia Tech/ACC centric title fool you, becuase this is an interesting look at whose NFL alumni are performing during the NFL playoffs. Ole Miss is fifth among all schools in total playoff yards with 317 and second among all schools with 24 points. Eli Manning and Mike Wallace, naturally, have everything to do with that.

Ole Miss chancellor optimistic about future | DeSoto Times Tribune
Oh yeah, what future is that, Dr. Dan? You gonna turn the Lyceum into some sort of Northeastern elite museum to political correctness?! You gonna replace the Grove's trees with Nancy Pelosi statues?! You gonna fly the flag of China from the Circle's flagpole?!

[Actually, he has set a series of goals for the future, which include making education a higher priority in the state of Mississippi, achieving a balance between academic success and access to education, and seeking civil conversations on controversial topics among others.]