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Rebel Roundup - Steptember 8, 2011

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Red Cup Radio!
If you didn't listen last night, then you missed out on a decent discussion of the BYU game, One Man To Beat's distaste of Catholics (kinda sorta not really), and our pick 'em session devolve into a cursing fit. Oh, and technical difficulties, because it wouldn't be Red Cup Radio without technical difficulties. The listening widget is still attached to last night's post, but you can also subscribe to the podcast via iTunes.

Rebels Making Offensive Adjustments | ESPN
Quarterback controversies! Injured running backs! Underachieving offensive linemen, oh my!

Notes: Ole Miss Defense Looking to Build | McReady
While the defense performed better than expected against BYU, they players are coaches still aren't satisfied with their overall performance, noting that there were still big defensive opportunities the team missed. The coaches are stressing fundamentals and decision making this week on defense in order to hopefully eliminate future mistakes.

Deadspin Helps the Nation Stalk Hanna Nutt | SB Nation
If you were watching the game on television this past weekend, you might have seen a few shots of a young woman wearing a low-cut t-shirt and a silly hat. Some dude on Deadspin fell in love and hoped that someone out there would know who this lady is. Well, she's Hanna Nutt, Houston's daughter. I hope you feel as strange as you really are, you anonymous, lonely online sports fan you.

Polls and Rankings and Stuff!
So I forgot to send in my SEC Power Poll ballot, but it's not like it would have done Ole Miss any good with the Rebels coming in at number eleven, as most would expect. We also didn't get any votes in the Blogpoll, which is also unsurprising. (I'm also not sure that Ivory Tower voted for us, because he goes missing for days on end sometimes. Oh well.)