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Rebel Roundup - September 6, 2011

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Week One Expectations And Reality: SEC | Football Study Hall
Compared to where Vegas thought we'd end up, the 13-14 loss to BYU comes in at "just about right" per Football Study Hall. Unfortunately, we were just about on the wrong side of the wins vs. losses column.

SEC Insider: Week One |
The mothership's take on our Rebels' complete offensive collapse this past Saturday is about as spot-on as it gets without getting too snide or vulgar, a la Red Cup Rebellion.

Despite Injury, Rebs Look to Run | Hugh
Well it's not like either running or passing are strong suits of ours offensively (yes, that means exactly what it sounds like it means). I do think that Jeff Scott and Devin Thomas can give the Rebels of a bit of pop out of the backfield. I do not think that Enrique Davis can. Despite this, Inrick will get 15-20 touches against SIU. Book it.

Ole Miss has its QB | Negative Slant Brandt
Zack Stoudt looked downright serviceable out there against the stormin' Mormons of BYU, something which should give us a bit of hope concerning a questionable Rebel quarterbacking situation. I think he's probably got a Seth Adams level of production to look forward to which, hey, is better than some quarterbacks we've had over the past few seasons.

Ole Miss Sets Tailgating Standard | BYU Daily Universe
Well, we've got that going for us...