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BYU: Game Recap

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What is there to say, faithful readers of the Cup? What can I go over that we didn't bitch about to whomever we were with at the moment. I'll rehash the basics, but anyone who watched the game knows what happened. I'll do my best to contain my frustration, while also looking at the game from a (relatively) rational viewpoint. That is the main reason I had to wait until today to do so. Had I written last night, It would have been a rambling slop of vulgarities that would have ultimately said...

"THE FUCK!?". However, lets take a few moments to talk about the good before delving into the bad. I was very very impressed with our defense. Even though BYU moved the ball plenty and kept our D on the field for almost twice as long as our offense, they showed incredible toughness. Though we didn't get pressure as often as we needed and we gave up way to many 5-8 yard runs on first down, we buckled down when they got in the redzone. They were the only reason we were even in the game. Make no mistake, BYU has a solid offensive line and are well coached. However, Tyrone Nix deserves a big thumbs up. The defense clearly had a fire lit under their collective ass this offseason, and the attitude adjustment showed. Our defensive line was adequate and got some good pressure. Marcus Temple looked surprisingly competent besides that touchdown where he was burned on the out-route. Finally, Charles Sawyer. That's it.


I had typed up a lengthy diatribe, but I'm going to be more succinct. I want to hear what everyone else thought about the offense, all 4 quarters. This won't be fluid, but there's so much I could say, that instead of focusing on verbosity and such, I'm just going to have to go through my grievances starting with our Incredibly vanilla play calling all game. Brandon Bolden was hurt on his second or third carry of the game. There's nothing I can say that y'all don't know about it: WAOM. When Jeff Scott went down before that, I thought he had broken his leg and it's good to have him, but he shouldn't be running out of the single back set straight up the middle. If he's in the backfield as the lone tailback, why not do some tosses and sweeps, or run the read option out of the gun?

I'm tired of hearing about how great Enrique's Spring was. At some point, we have to recognize Cordera Eason 2 for what it is. Our offensive line wasn't blowing them off the ball, but there were running lanes to be had. Yet it regularly seemed like 27 just barreled into the back of is guard for 2 yards on seemingly every carry. If he can't run off of zone blocking, we won't be able to run the ball. I would have liked D Thomas to get some carries, but whatever. Our run game was piss poor for what it should have been and I don't know why, besides the loss of our best offensive weapon (If it's a high ankle sprain, we may get him back for alabama if we're lucky, but then again, WAOM).

I liked Stoudts' arm, but that fumble really hurt. If there's any time ball security should be a primary concern, it's when we're on the five with a 6 point lead in the 4th. And why did we take Brunetti out after not even 5 passes? I was a bit surprised that he didn't get more of a chance


I thought our offensive playbook was stagnating and uncreative, and the play-calling was borderline absurd. Just in the last quarter, with the game on the line, why burn a fucking timeout and then come out with a TE screen? If we had punted and pinned them back, BYU likely would have tried running the ball to burn some clock and had we stopped them, returned the ball to us somewhere around the 50. All we needed was a FG. Instead, we put our bets on a QB who didn't even play in the Spring game to zing a 4th down pass downfield, right? NO, a fucking screen to the slowest legal receiver on the field.


I don't think its the end of the season, but we have to make some adjustments on offense. Lets hope our D keeps playing with the same attitude. We'll get beat, but we won't go down easily methinks. And let's be rational, BYU isn't a bad squad at all and this doesn't mean we won't turn things around. Again, we lost an agonizing game against Wake Forest in 2008 to start the season, and look how that turned out. I don't know whether that's really even applicable as a reference, but I'll keep leaning towards optimism, because I let pessimism own me (rightfully so) last season starting in Week 2. That's just not even fun. So until Jeff Scott fumbles out the back of the endzone against Vanderbilt, I'll keep my fingers crossed.

I may come back and go more in detail later, but I have to get some real sleep and collect myself into something resembling cogency.