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Rebel Roundup - September 30, 2011

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Ole Miss longs for the Ole days |
Fresno State's Pat Hill has said that this upcoming matchup between the Rebels and Bulldogs is "big." I don't have any hesitation to think that Coach Hill will lead his squad to a victory this Saturday, especially when considering his track record against BCS squads in Fresno. Since he began coaching Fresno State in 1997, Pat Hill is 6-2 at home against BCS schools, with those wins coming against programs which, over the same timeframe, have maintained levels of "success" similar to our own (Kansas State, Cincinnati, Illinois, Oregon State, et cetera).

California, here we come: Rebs making first trip | The Clarion-Ledger
Today I learned that Ole Miss has never played a football game in the Pacific time zone. I guess if you're looking for something else which does not bode well for the Rebs, that's a start.

Ole Miss' chancellor responds to threats | SEC Blog - ESPN
While it's not at all the national media firestorm that perhaps some of the Chancellor's detractors would like it to be, it is still important to note that our little airing of laundry is getting some attention from the mainstream.

Fall Ball Breakdown |
Baseball! Chase Parham took in some of the intrasquad scrimmages this past weekend and reported them via his blog on the Ole Miss affiliate. If you want something cheerier to read this morning, then this is the link for you (because our Baseball team might actually be alright this year).

And Finally, "The Anatomy of a Punt Return"