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Around the SEC West: A Two Team Race

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It's tough enough watching some Ole Miss games and following the team's storylines. The expectation that we're supposed to keep up with the rest of the SEC is difficult for many. So, here are your talking points when put in a pinch. Mexter Dccluster will handle the SEC East this season while Juco will bring's you a weekly segment on the SEC West.

#3 Alabama 4-0 (1-0 SEC)

Well.... that was fun. Alabama beat Arkansas 38-14 last weekend as Trent Richardson and Eddie Lacy destroyed the Arkansas rush defense to the tune of 197 yards on the ground with Richardson averaging over seven yards per carry. The halfbacks in this conference are ridiculous. Lattimore. Crowell. Rainey. Richardson. In an era where most teams don't have feature backs, we still do. The Alabama defense held Tyler Wilson to just 180 yards through the air. They're just incredible. Alabama takes on Florida at 7 on CBS Saturday. Watch. It will be wonderful.

#18 Arkansas 3-1 (0-1 SEC) 

Well the week obviously didn't go as well for Arkansas. They spent the week talking about how the division was a three team race then couldn't do much of anything against Alabama. Arkansas managed seventeen rushing yards on nineteen carries on the way to 226 total yards of offense. It was really ugly. The Arkansas defense held the Alabama passing game in check, but that's probably because Alabama didn't need to pass. Arkansas has a chance to redeem themselves this week against #14 Texas A&M at 11 AM on ESPN. Welcome to the SEC, A&M.

Auburn 3-1 (1-0 SEC)

Auburn had an uninspiring 30-14 win over Florida Atlantic. Their offense outgained the owls by just eight yards, but they were able to capitalize off of three FAU interceptions. WR Emory Blake keeps making impressive plays in an otherwise mediocre passing offense. He's the key to their wins right now. Auburn's defense continues to be pedestrian, and they'll have their hands full this week against #10 South Carolina on the 2:30 CBS game. Should be a high scoring game.

#1 LSU 4-0 (1-0 SEC)

The Tigers were exceptional in a 47-21 killing of West Virginia this weekend. The Mountaineers had surprising success through the air, passing for over 400 yards, but in LSU's defense, they did force West Virginia to throw the ball 65 times to get to that number. Yeah. Sixty-five. Jarrett Lee continues to not screw things up through the air, and with Jordan Jefferson being reinstated now, the LSU offense should pick back up a bit more... not that they have to. LSU faces Kentucky this weekend, and it might as well be FCS Southeast. The game is on ESPN3 at 11:20. Don't watch it.

MSU 2-2 (0-2 SEC)

Last week, the Bulldogs Bulldawgs took down the might Louisiana Tech Something or Others in a thrilling 26-20 overtime win. Louisiana Tech outgained MSU by nineteen yards, but State was able to stop Tech's ground game and make them one dimensional. Ultimately, that was the difference in the game. LA Tech may be an alright team. Maybe they'll beat Ole Miss this year. Still, State has to be pretty pissed about the team they've fielded so far this season. State plays UGA Saturday at 11 AM in what is looking more and more like a must win game. They can make a bowl without beating UGA, but 6-6 isn't going to cut it for their fans.