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Monday Discussion: Living Vicariously

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[ED: Yes, it's Tuesday. Yesterday was kind of busy around here, both with blog stuff and day job stuff, so the Monday Discussion: Tuesday Edition will have to suffice.]

I think I've developed Stockholm Syndrome watching this particular Ole Miss team. Somehow, my masochism and my nihilism have blended together to the point where I almost enjoy watching us meander and derp our way around the gridiron. Of course, I enjoy it the same way that I enjoy the Three Stooges or some episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm--it's good for most of an episode once a week or so, but by the fourth time Moe pokes Curly in the eyes I get a little tired. (Side Note: In this situation, Houston Nutt is Curly and Moe is a coordinated defensive scheme. Shemp is a hypothetical interim coach. THIS ANALOGY IS FLAWLESS.) But still, I keep coming back, I keep buying overpriced pitchers of beer and average chicken tenders at the local Ole Miss alumni bar, and I keep managing to convince myself that Ole Miss football only hurts me because it loves me. 

It's no coincidence, then, that this season might be my first one where I look forward to other teams' games more than ours. One game in particular has been circled on my proverbial calendar since halftime of the Vanderbilt game--the November 5th matchup between LSU and Alabama. Watching a Nick Saban vs. Les Miles game is like watching chaos vs. order: Saban coaches teams with the cruel precision that Ceausescu would find anal-retentive; giving Les Miles control over your team is like giving a monkey a gun--it is hilarious, unpredictable, and the other guy will get hurt. The monkey also might hurt itself and will definitely eat grass. 

So that's the football dragon that I'll be chasing this season. What's yours? It doesn't have to be something left on the schedule--if you think that the Michigan-Notre Dame game was as good as it's going to get, that's fine too. So tell us, Cuppers, what game you're looking forward to for taking the edge off this season. We all need one.