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Ole Miss vs. UGA: Game Recap

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Sorry for my tardiness again. Call Comcast and complain...or discontinue your service from them. Whatever.

Well, once again our Rebels fell in excruciating fashion. It wasn't so bad because we lost, but moreso because we were within striking distance of UGA the whole game. However, our ineptitude (even that may be too gentle for how poorly we looked) on offense kept me from getting too excited about anything. My rant below.


The statistics speak for themselves. Hell, our offensive stats alone speak for themselves. The Rebels managed just 183 yards of offense, which includes a whopping 34 on the ground. No, I'm not fucking kidding you.

Ole Miss possessed the ball a total of 21 minutes, barely a third of the game. Our leading passer was Randall Mackey who was 3/7 for 78 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT. Zack Stoudt was 7/23 for 71 yards and a pick. I'm not going into the quarterback situation because that is an article to itself which I will put together later in the week. I would like to read your opinions on the quarterback "rotation" that is still ongoing, so take care of that for me, dear Red Cuppers.

Our defense gave up 268 yards through the air and anothe 207 on the ground. Yes Isaiah Crowell is very good, but boy it would have been nice to hold him to something other than 150 yards, 30 of which came from UGA's 2 yard line on their 99 yard scoring drive.

Now, what do these numbers tell me? That our defense is slightly below average and our offensive line is absolutely pitiful. While I knew we'd have trouble running the ball, I'm wondering what happened between last season and this year. Last season we were able to run the football, even if we couldn't win games. Despite returning those players, it appears our OL actually regressed. I know that it takes a whole team to lose a game, but I'm having a tough time not pointing the finger at the Offensive Line. When our defense spends 2/3 of the game on the field while our offense can't run for 50 yards, we can't expect to win.

Our defense performed relatively poorly, though not as bad as it could have been considering they spent 38 minutes on the field. Our inability to stop the run is absolutely destroying us and I'm truly at a loss for how we're attempting to defend it. Despite UGA running a majority of their plays from the I-formation, we still refuse to put more than 6 players in the box. Isaiah Crowell had run after run where I watched all four defensive lineman and both Mike Marry and Joel Kight picked up by offensive lineman/the fullback. Crowell wasn't even getting touched until he was ten yards down the field and into our secondary. Hell, I would have rather us just stacked the box to take away the run and make Murray beat us with his arm. Instead though, UGA was able to put our defense on its heels early and pick up 24 first half points.

That 99 yard drive really put the nail in the coffin despite it coming in the first half. After getting a big sack to back UGA up to their 2 yard line, Crowell ripped off a 29 yard run in which he wasn't touched until he got to the safeties. Two plays later, Marcus Temple forgot that it wasn't 2010 and gave up a 69 yard bomb to Malcom Mitchell. UGA punched it in to go up 24-7. Sure we scored after that, but when your team sees that even a 99 yard field can't stop the other team from having their way, it sure deflates a crowd, especially after Ole Miss had just gone up 17-7.

There were some bright spots, but frankly I don't care. A "bright spot" is just a good play in a loss and those don't do much for me.

There is plenty more I could say, but those are my thoughts this morning. Let me know what y'all were impressed/disgusted with because I'm still trying to process everything.