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Rebel Roundup - September 26, 2011

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Georgia QB Murray has fun dissecting Ole Miss | The Clarion-Ledger
Negative Slant Hugh (that doesn't work so well) points out that our pass rush isn't great enough to support our average-ish secondary in defending the pass, allowing talented quarterbacks such as Aaron Murray to have a bit of a field day with our defense.

Georgia 27, Ole Miss 13: The Dawgs Stare Into The Grove, And The Grove Stares Back | SB Nation Atlanta
Doug Gillette, an SBN contributor and avowed Georgia Bulldogs fan, is happy that Georgia bettered Ole Miss yesterday. He isn't, however, too thrilled with what, if anything, that this game signified.

When the Big Reckoning comes in December, Mark Richt's not going to be Houston Nutt and the Dawgs aren't going to be Ole Miss, but with all due respect to the Rebels -- whose tailgating skills are beyond reproach whether they're winning or losing -- it sure would be nice to put some more distance between us and them in the meantime. Not that the Rebels should be our yardstick or anything, but when they say "We may not win every game, but we never lose a tailgate," all I can do is think of how much fun I was having when the Dawgs were schooling people right and left in both those arenas.

Rebels Finish Second At Mason Rudolph Championship |
COUNTRY CLUB SPORTS! WE'RE GOOD AT THEM! The Ole Miss men's golf team finished second at the Mason Rudolph Championship this past weekend, finishing one stroke off of Middle Tennessee. Ole Miss was first amongst SEC teams (Vanderbilt finished 8th, South Carolina finished 11th) and had three golfers finish in the top ten amongst individuals.


Women's Tennis Captures Singles And Doubles At UNLV Invitational |
More country club success! The Ole Miss women's tennis team swept the Flight 1 singles and doubles titles at the UNLV Invitational Sunday. At the event were UNLV, Long Beach State, and New Mexico State.

This Might Cheer You Up
This is "Ole Miss" or "The Ole Miss rag" as performed by Louis Armstrong. Try to make something of your Mondays, people. HATE WEEK is soon to come.