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Georgia Bulldogs at Ole Miss Rebels OPEN THREAD

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September 24, 2011

11:21 AM Central

Vaught-Hemingway Stadium

Television: SEC Network

Radio: Listed Affiliates

Required Reading:
HATE WEEK or "Why the Bulldog is an Inferior Breed."
"Dead Coach Walking" via The Local Voice
Blogger Q&A with
Game Preview

Trivia: Houston Nutt and Mark Richt are like way, way fired right now... Ole Miss' longest SEC win drought is against Georgia, with the last Rebel victory over the Bulldogs coming in 1997... Enrique Davis is likely to see time this game after recovering from an injured Whocares MuscleBonething, and will assuredly steal carries away from a much more deserving Brandon Bolden and Devin Thomas... Ole Miss and Georgia are both 1-2 on the year, both having lost to two BCS opponents and defeating an FCS squad... This will be the frattiest and srattiest meeting in the SEC this season, so make it count you Costa-clad, Columbia fishing shirt wearing gentlemen, you.

Procedure: It's no holds barred in the game thread. We're emotional people and masochistic fans, and it shows often - especially while drinking. Still, try to be kind to visitors. Introduce yourselves. Tell us where you're posting from. Tell us what you're drinking. One can also share instant thoughts and photos via Twitter @RedCupRebellion. It'll get retweeted, if it's good. Hotty Toddy! Beat the Bulldogs! Or not! We're still gonna party afterwards!