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Rebels in the Pros: Week 2

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When we remember it, we like to take a while out of the week to look at what former rebels are doing in the NFL. While we're not going to spend time talking to you about a player who played three snaps, we want to provide brief capsules of the impact players had on their team on the preceding Sunday. As always, we'll figure out ways to spruce this up as the season goes on, but for now, here it is in the raw, naked and unashamed.

Patrick Willis - The leagues best middle linebacker continued to wow as he tallied nine tackles and forced a fumble in an overtime loss to the Dallas Cowboys. Tony Romo suffered a broken rib and a punctured lung during the game and, while I'm not sure who the culprit is in the injury, I like to think PWillie had something to do with it.
Ben Jarvus Green Ellis - Law Firm tallied 70 yards and a touchdown as the Pats cruised past the San Diego Chargers. Through two games, Green-Ellis is averaging a nice 4.2 yards per carry. The Patriots play the Bills next week, whose run defense leaves a lot to be desired.

Eli Manning - The best Manning in the league this season hasn't started his season all that well. The GMen won over St. Louis, with Eli putting up decent-ish numbers (18 of 29, 200 yards, 2 touchdowns and a pick), but through two weeks, Eli has struggled. His passer rating as of right now is 82.1, putting him in the bottom half of the league between Colt McCoy and Tavarus Jackson. Sheesh. They get the Eagles next so, umm, good luck Eli!

Cassius Vaughn - I bet you never thought he'd be playing NFL ball! Well he is, and he had five tackles and a pair of pass breakups this last week in a 24-22 win over the Cincinnati Bengals

Mike Wallace - Talk about a guy the Rebs can be proud of. Mike Wallace, who is paying huge dividends to those of you who picked him up in your fantasy leagues, had eight catches for 126 yards and a touchdown in a Pittsburgh shutout of Seattle. He is averaging 14.6 yards a catch, something upon which he can hopefully improve against Indianapolis this week.

Dexter McCluster
- While we don't wish injuries on anyone, Jamaal Charles' ACL tear has allowed the Lil' Bastid to get the ball twelve times. Dex produced 51 yards on the ground off of eight carries but had four catches yield just negative two yards. He'll be heavily involved in the running back rotation moving forward, and it should be interesting to see whether he can help the Chiefs at all. They sure need it, having just lost 48-3 to the Detroit Lions.