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Some Good News: Ole Miss Baseball Recruiting Class Ranked #3 in America

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Maybe they're good enough to get us here, right? /Rebeloptimism'd
Maybe they're good enough to get us here, right? /Rebeloptimism'd

Perhaps this is a welcome interruption from our regularly scheduled WAOMfest leading up to this weekend's showdown against the Georgia Bulldogs, because it's actually good news at a sport we've been good-bordering-on-elite at in our recent memories. The incoming Ole Miss baseball recruiting class is, per Collegiate Baseball, the #3 overall recruiting class in the country. This is good for the third best class in the Southeastern Conference (South Carolina and Vanderbilt were numbers one and two, respectively... Talk about SEC dominance.) and the best in the SEC West.

The bulk of the credit for this recruiting class, aside from Ole Miss top-notch baseball facilities and culture, should go to assistant coaches Carl Lafftery and Cliff Godwin. Both coaches hit the recruiting trail quite hard to bring in fresh young talent to, hopefully, have this program competing once again for SEC Championships.

Some names to look out for are pitchers Hawtin Buchanan, Josh Laxer, and Chris Ellis, as well as outfielder Senquez Golson, catcher Sikes Orvis, and infielder Jake Overbey.