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Tuesday Question: When Will It End?

Generally, we are the "authors" of "content" around here - "here" being a blog and not a message board. Recognize, we do, that you've come here not to contribute, but to consume. Nevertheless, there is the sporadic occasion where, either for our benefit or for to exercise the thinkifiers of the masses, we ask you a question. Today's question is . . .

"If Houston Nutt beats UGA, does that make this better?"

The real question here is whether there's anything that can remedy the feeling you have in your stomach right now. Kory Keys said that Pete Boone could have been announcing a one billion dollar gift to the university yesterday and no one would have cared. Obviously, that's an overstatement, but it gets at something. Can anything be done to right your opinion of Houston Nutt, the administration, and the Rebels in general right now? Would beating Georgia do that? Would 6 wins do that? What would it take?

I'm obviously not stating that we're going to beat UGA. I fully expect for them to beat us by 30. I'm just asking a hypothetical question.