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SEC Power Poll Ballot - Week Four

It's the fourth week of the 2011 college football season and, at this point, things are beginning to take form. The Tigers and Tide are atop the Southeastern Conference, as we all expected. The Razorbacks and Gamecocks aren't too far behind, while the rest of the conference, save Ole Miss, Georgia, and Kentucky, battle for supremacy among the middle.

The SEC East seems to be the most fluid at this point, with South Carolina winning enough, but not in terribly impressive fashion. The Florida Gators, pesky Tennessee Volunteers, and the BRAND NEW 1-0 VANDY COMMODORES should make the fight for the SEC East crown an interesting one.

  1. LSU Tigers - Unless Bama or Arkansas knocks them off, they're tops in the conference.
  2. Alabama Crimson Tide - I'm pretty sure Bama's defense is the best in America.
  3. South Carolina Gamecocks - Almost here by default. I look forward to seeing what they can do against Arkansas and Florida.
  4. Arkansas Razorbacks - They didn't impress against Troy, but perhaps that's because they were looking forward to Alabama.
  5. Florida Gators - Should challenge SC for the East.
  6. Vanderbilt Commodores - YA DAMN RIGHT.
  7. Auburn Tigers - Ted Roof is pretty bad at his job.
  8. Mississippi State Bulldogs - Well, at least you fine grindin' folks will get your troucing of the Rebels later this year.
  9. Tennessee Volunteers - Derek Dooley's pants are #1 in the SEC coaches fashion power poll.
  10. Kentucky Wildcats - Bad.
  11. Georgia Bulldogs - Probably not as bad, but I might as well put them here.
  12. Ole Miss Rebels - No comment.