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I would love to know who to credit for this.


The first two games of the greatest college football conference in America's 2011 season came and went last night, with Kentucky struggling to dispatch a pesky Hilltoppers squad (distracted they were, I am sure, by the antics of Big Red) and Mississippi State lackadaisically going through their motions in a victory over the listless Tigers of the University of Memphis State University.

Yeah, I'm hilarious this morning.

Neither game told us much about anything, aside from maybe that Kentucky really will miss Mike Hartline, Derrick Locke, and Randall Cobb - a lot - this season. Mississippi State's performance was pretty well expected, as the Bulldogs, even though not in the comforting confines of the borders of "their" own STATE, ho-hummed their way to a blowout over what may be, once again, the worst team in the FBS level.

But so what, it's SEC football, and it's HERE. NOW. FINALLY. I was as geeked as any good football should have been yesterday, even if the slate of games was about as uninteresting as you'd expect for the opening Thursday night of the season. I'm just thrilled to know that the offseason is over and that autumn is finally upon us.

Some housekeeping notes - I'm going to be hellaciously busy with real life stuff today. The other jokesters around here will have to entertain you. I'm sure they've got something good in mind. We'll have our game predictions up this evening and the open thread ready and kickin' for tomorrow.