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SB Nation BlogPoll Week Four Ballot!

If you've noticed that we've not done one of these in a while, congratulations! We haven't! That's because Ivory Tower has gone AWOL or off of the grid or to prison or something. Who knows. Regardless, the task to rank the best teams in America as I see them from one to twenty-five wasn't one to take lightly, but I did anyway because I'm in a hurry and stuff.

That's totally fine though, because you all have an opportunity to tell us where I went wrong. This ballot's a draft for now, and can be changed if you all deem it appropriate. (Also, you'll notice the lack of a "delta" for these. That's the result of our week two and three negligence. Forgive us.)



Commentary is after the jump, y'all.

So, what was I thinking? Well, LSU's win over Oregon impressed me slightly more than Oklahoma's win over Florida State, and that win impressed me more than Alabama's win over Penn State. So that's one, two and three. Stanford's a chill bro, winning games behind arguably the best signalcaller in America in a fashion that convinces us that they could cruise to a Pac 12 championship - assuming the Ducks nor Sun Devils say otherwise. I really like what Wisconsin's doing right now, and I think that Russell Wilson is exactly what htey needed to compete for the Big Ten title, which they should win assuming that Michigan doesn't scoregasm their way into it or Nebraska doesn't out muscle them (also, Ohio State kinda sucks right now, relatively speaking).

Maybe I'm being generous with Boise State, but that doesn't matter because they'll either lose a winnable game or get snubbed by the BCS powers-that-be again anyway. Oklahoma State and Texas A&M, who play this weekend, round out the top ten alongside the Cornhuskers.

I then threw crap at a wall until it stuck. I also gave Vandy mad props for making us look pretty damned terrible. TOP TWENTY FIVE FOR YOU, NERDS!