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Monday Discussion: Coaching Candidates

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After the babytown frolics of Saturday's game, this isn't going to be a "should Houston Nutt go?" kind of discussion. I think everyone is past that; let's move on to the next step. Luckily for us, it's filled with the kind of hearsay and wild online speculation that Ole Miss fans love. So let's pick a coach!

The following poll contains a list of coaches that I think are viable options for us, considering the financial constraints and prestige of a head coaching job at a despondent historically middle-tier SEC school. That, and they are also a group of coaches who we have seen and heard Rebel fans discuss over Twitter, Facebook, sports forums, and this here blog. Pick your favorite or, if he's not listed, select "other" and tell us why. Nothing is off limits right now because, in our confident, inspired minds, anything seems to be possible at this juncture.