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SEC Power Poll Ballot: Week Two

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LSU is still riding high after their win over top-5 Oregon.
LSU is still riding high after their win over top-5 Oregon.

So I might have forgotten to do this for week one. Chalk it up to me doing my lion's share of partying to make up for the general wet blanketry of the BYU fan base ("Just enjoyin' a caffiene free Coca Cola and a spinach salad for my tailgate, thank you!"). Regardless, the Power Poll is back and hotter than ever, and we at the Cup are once again quite proud to be a voting member in it.

We'll have our ballots up every Tuesday where we will rank where we think the SEC member institutions are based on their "power" as we perceive it. This is perhaps the most ambiguous and controversial way to do this, meaning that it is perfect for this conference and region. Once the overall results are ready, we'll link to them.

"Oh, hey, ummm, where are your Blogpoll ballots?"

You know, I don't know. I think Ivory Tower died or something ever since he handled it in the preseason. I'll start doing them I guess. Whatever.

Click the jump to see the Power Poll ballot for this week.

  1. LSU Tigers - LSU and Alabama are, without question, tops in the conference right now. LSU's resume is a bit more impressive, with a win against Oregon in a neutral site and a blowout of directional Louisiana, but not that much more impressive.
  2. Alabama Crimson Tide - Penn State's no Oregon, but Happy Valley's no Jerryworld either. Alabama is number two this week, but only by a sliver.
  3. South Carolina Gamecocks - Carolina put together a pretty good game against a UGA team playing for its life.
  4. Auburn Tigers - No, I do not think they'll stay in the top half of the conference for much longer, but the teams below them have either lost or not played teams of any real import. Auburn deserves this spot, for now.
  5. Vanderbilt Commodores - "Ghost, you're being crazy." I know, I know. Here's the thing, though: Vandy beat UConn who was the a Big East champion last year. I know that doesn't really mean a whole lot, considering what UConn lost after their Fiesta Bowl defeat (HOLY SHIT UCONN HAS BEEN TO A FUCKING BCS BOWL WE SHOULD JUST QUIT THE SEC AND JOIN THE BIG EAST C'MON GUYS LET'S DO IT), but I feel like Vandy deserves some credit for scheduling a BCS level opponent early in the season and beating them.
  6. Mississippi State Bulldogs - I only rank them higher than a few of the teams below them because I've actually seen the Bulldogs play against a decent opponent (and lose).
  7. Arkansas Razorbacks - "Hey look! We beat the shit out of MO State and New Mexico! WOO PIG YOU GUYS!" Yeah, that's exactly why we're not impressed. I love your third warm up game against Troy though because, hey, if you're gonna knock the ass off of a Sun Belt team you might as well make it one of the better ones. After weeks four and five, when the Razorbacks have played Alabama and Texas A&M, we will have a much better idea of what this team is capable of.
  8. Florida Gators - Same story, different team. Florida plays the next five weeks straight against SEC opponents. We'll know what they can do once that is over with. I hardly even noticed that you played FAU and UAB, let alone beat them.
  9. Tennessee Volunteers - They'll get waxed by Florida this weekend, so I don't expect them to hold on to this spot.
  10. Ole Miss Rebels - Do you have a good case for ranking the Rebels any higher? We're 1-1 right now. Let's enjoy not being last for the moment.
  11. Kentucky Wildcats - I know they're 2-0 right now, but I don't care. They've looked unimpressive against unimpressive opponents. The Rebels do have a loss, but it's to a BYU squad which would blow the doors off of Western Kentucky and Central Michigan.
  12. Georgia Bulldogs - I'm so torn here. I legitimately considered ranking them sixth or seventh because, shit, I don't think anybody in the bottom half of the conference could have emerged unscathed from playing Boise and Carolina back to back like that. Give Georgia credit; they love playing higher profile out-of-conference games. The thing is, though, they're 0-2. They're the only team in the conference at 0-2 right now. I just can't make myself rank them anywhere but 12th. Sorry.

Where'd I go wrong?