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I'm tired of your act Vanderbilt.

"Hurrrnnn yes yes well we are Vaaaaaaaaanderbilt so, go on, have your fun little games you all like to play. We don't care about all of that because we've got our school to worry about and the great name of Cornelius Vaaaaaaaaaanderbilt to maintain."

Shut. Up.

You're not fucking better than any of us. Just because you owe six figures to a bunch of snotty assholes in Nashville for them rendering the "service" of handing you a piece of paper proclaiming your genius doesn't mean you can just turn your fucking noses up at any of us. Go hang out with Skip fucking Bayless if you're gonna give us that attitude. The long and short of it is this: you're mostly upper-middle class white kids from the suburbs. You're no different than the rest of anybody else attending an SEC school. Get over yourselves.

If you didn't care as much as you claimed to not care, then you would have gone the way of Tulane and Sewanee and kissed the SEC goodbye a long time ago. We're not keeping you around because we feel like we owe it to you, so that act can be given a rest as well.

And stop fucking beating us in sports. I'm really tired of that shit.

I have more thoughts to get down, but it's Monday. I spent nine hours in a Jeep yesterday. A JEEP. I'm having a hard time making sense of my lunch, let alone a blog with, like, words and stuff. So you're all going to have to jumpstart the hatred for us. Anything's fair game, except for the Pancake Pantry. I will never allow anyone to besmirch the finest breakfast eatery in Nashville - or anywhere - on this here website. Ever.