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Rebel Roundup - September 1, 2011 - College Football Has Arrived

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Jake Heaps seems ready.

It's Finally Here
College football happens tonight. Granted, it's HerpnDerp and the Fightin' Grinders vs. the University of Memphis Stray Bullets, but it's college football regardless. I'm excited, kinda like this guy.

Did you join us last night? No? Then download it on iTunes.

As Ole Miss looms, Cougars excited to prove themselves | The BYU Universe
One has to think that BYU is taking this game as seriously, if not more seriously, than our Rebels. It's a season opener as an away team against an SEC opponent. It's also BYU's first game as an independent, a situation which likely won't last forever with the looming restructuring of the Big XII (-2 -1).

Key stretch: Ole Miss | SEC Blog - ESPN
Chris Low thinks Ole Miss' key stretch of the season begins Saturday and ends in four weeks. While we have a much tougher slate of games immediately after that, the opening of this season is probably as important to setting the tone of the year as any I can recall.

Cougars trying to pick brain of Rebs' OC Lee | The Clarion-Ledger
To prepare their defense, the Cougars have been studying David Lee's playcalling (I assume at Miami) to get a better job what type of offense the Rebels will run this Saturday. Coach Lee says we're going to "cut it loose" and play a bit more wide open, something which with I highly disagree assuming that Bolden can be productive enough on the ground.

Ole Miss releases depth chart with traditional 4-3 formation | Hugh
So we're not running a 4-2-5 with a spur/hybrid linebacker thing now? We're just running a 4-3? Is this legit, or is this the Rebel coaching staff's attempts to keep the fans and opponents on their toes regarding this game?

In Which the Author Peers Out From The Glass House | Rocky Top Talk
The Rest of the SEC seems to be rather unconfident, if that's even a word, regarding the chances of our Rebels on Saturday. Pay no mind to that, I say, because as Sir Francis Drank said on last night's podcast, "0-0 is the most exciting record you can have."