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Monday Funday: Favorite All-Time Athletes

Hopefully, this is the first in a weekly series that will brighten up your Monday while we pretend to work or study. Today's topic is simple--name your three favorite all-time athletes, and then justify it. They don't have to be Ole Miss related, although they certainly can be. If you like Joe Namath because you wear fur and love Suzy Kolber, that's fine. If you like Tim Lincecum because he reminds you of the scraggly kid from Dazed and Confused, that's fine too. If you like Tim Duncan because fundamentals, dammit, also fine. In no particular order, my top three are after the jump.


  • Archie Manning: Because the Superdome floors were concrete. Plus, there aren't many athletes that can gain the support of a fan base like Archie did at Ole Miss. Also OMG SO FRAT.
  • John McEnroe: Because you cannot be serious if you don't think that he is one of the most complex and intriguing athletes of the modern era.  
    /makes more puns
     /hangs head in shame
  • Arnold Palmer: Because he looked cooler than anyone else while playing golf, and has damn fine taste in beverage creation.
Based on this list, you would assume that I'm a fifty-two year old man. Me and my Steely Dan albums will be judging your choices.