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Rebel Roundup - August 8, 2011

Junior defensive back Tanner Burns leaves K-State |
Tanner Burns is the son of Keith Burns, the Rebels' new defensive backs coach. He'll transfer, once again, to follow his father to a new coaching gig. Two seasons ago, Tanner started for San Jose State at safety, leading the team in tackles with 96. Last season, while his father coached defensive backs at Kansas State, he sat out due to NCAA transfer rules. After his second transfer in as many seasons, Burns is now working out with the safeties during Ole Miss' fall practice. Let's hope he can add depth to a secondary which is badly hurting for it.

Like Proud Papa | Hugh
The new EotC previews his first Rebel practice and makes not of the number of freshmen used in first and second team roles on both sides of the ball. Senquez Gholson, Nickolas Brassell, Donte Moncrief and a few others earned high praise from coaches and media alike for their preformances yesterday.

Heck, Nutt was excited enough to say that he obsessively clicks on the freshman class' collective Facebook "like" button. Let's hope he did not mean that literally.

Mississippi coach Houston Nutt uses freshmen early, often during first practice | Brandt
The original EotC also takes a look at the incoming Rebel class and their roles in the first few fall practices.

Notes: Brassell pushing for time on both sides | Rivals
Among many other observations gleaned from the last two days of practice, this McCready piece looks at highly regarded freshman athlete Nickolas Brassell's skills on both sides of the football. He has worked out at receiver and cornerback so far for the Rebels, and done very well at both. He will, undoubtedly, see time on the field this season.

2011 SEC Conventional Wisdom | Team Speed Kills
Conventional wisdom for Ole Miss says that the Rebels "should be better, but not that much better." I think that the Rebels this season will certainly be better than the Rebels of last season, but I can't be sure that will be so evident in 2011's record. This fall's schedule is just that much tougher than last fall's, which is frustrating.

BYU football season begins with first day of fall camp | BYU Universe
If you're interested, here's a report from BYU's fall practices. Jake Heaps, as expeted, is looking solid at quarterback. He will really test our defense during the season opener.