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Red Cup Rebellion Welcomes Two More Authors

 I'm sure it is no surprise to anyone that has been following the Cup for a while that the past few months have been a bit of a doldrum regarding Rebel sports coverage. Aside from there being not a whole lot to write about in the first place (Seriously, where are the concubines slashing each other's faces over the affection of a basketball player or Greg Hardy falling down a flight of stairs when you need 'em?), the lot of us here have found other things with which to occupy our days. Whether they be new families - congrats BWE - careers, outlooks on life or changes of scenery, we just don't have the time or resources to put into the site in quite the same way we did as a collection of juniors, seniors, and law students a few years back.

I've been doing what I can, and Juco's done a fine job of supporting me when he's able to, but with my own future breathing down my neck, I felt a need to break the mold a bit, reach out, and find some good Rebels to keep the day-to-day going around here. So, for this upcoming football season and beyond, I'm changing the structure and personnel of the Cup.

Juco and I will be the Cup's "managers" which, really, means that we just maintain the Facebook page and check the Gmail inbox. Ivory Tower, Whiskey Wednesday, One Man To Beat, Brian Walker's Elbow, and The One That Got Away (ha) will be moved into bloggeur emeritus status. They can, if they so elect, be put into a managing or authorship role, but this way they have no Cup "obligations" to interfere with their personal ones. This also means that they'll be able to contribute when and however  they damn well please, because they're still friends of ours and I don't think such an iron grip over a snarky Ole Miss sports blog is necessary.

Joining the Cup as authors will be Mexter DcCluster and Sir Francis Drank, two friends of mine who are both good Rebels and clever enough to really enhance what we've got going on. We don't have anything set in stone as to what exactly their roles are going to be, and I'm more than willing to just let them sorta take the reins and scribble down whatever gibberish they've got in mind, but I do trust that they'll add some real substance to the Cup this football season, and that excites me.

Gentlemen, introduce yourselves. Cuppers, welcome/haze the noobs.


PS - More changes of this nature are soon to come. The site is growing and we're going to do what we can to expand our coverage. Stay tuned.