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Rebel Roundup - August 5, 2011

Veterans Report to Camp Today
Media Day and Practices are Tomorrow. Meet the Rebels is in like a week or something. Amateur reports from you hooligans would be wildly appreciated and, if up to our rigorous standards, met with ample compensation.

All But Two Newcomers Reported Yesterday | Clarion Ledger
Kameron Wood, a defensive lineman from alabama who signed with the Rebs in February, did not report yesterday due to a shoulder injury. He should report soon. The other non-reporter? Denzel Nkemdiche, the cornerback prospect out of Atlanta who was cleared by the NCAA to enroll in summer school only to yesterday have the NCAA flag his qualifications. This is beyond annoying, but hopefully either Denzel or the NCAA will get it together.

Martavious Newby's Commits to Ole Miss | Commercial Appeal
Newby's a 6'2" shooting guard prospect who just recently began to attract serious attention from college recruiters. During his junior season at Washington High School in Memphis, he averaged 22.5 points, 12.5 rebounds, 4.4 assists and 4.7 steals. He claims to have other scholarship offers from Arkansas, Missouri, and Auburn.

Five to Watch |
From's Arkansas affiliate comes the five Ole Miss Rebels to look out for this fall. Listed are Kentrell Lockett, Nickolas Brassell, Barry Brunetti, CJ Johnson, and Matt Hall. So five guys who, collectively, played in like three games last season? Well, I kinda agree. I think that Lockett needs to prove that he can return to form; Brassell needs to find a position (he will, undoubtedly, see time somewhere this fall); Brunetti needs to take the reins at quarterback if he wants the nod; CJ needs to get in shape and ready to contribute for three or four seasons; and Matt Hall needs to mesh well as a newcomer in an experienced offensive line.

SIU fans planning bus trip to game at Ole Miss | The Daily Republican
It's good to see that visiting fans are seemingly always excited to make the trip to the crown jewel of the Hospitality State. For an SEC school, we Rebels really aren't hostile to any visiting fans, save those wearing yellow, purple, or maroon - which is really just purple's bastard stepchild.