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Ole Miss Rebel Football: 2011 Fall Camp Begins Today

Even though few of us are likely to believe it, we are just that much closer to the kickoff of the 2011-12 college football season. Fall camp opens today for the 2011 Ole Miss Rebels, with newcomers reporting to the coaching staff. Varsity players will report tomorrow, and drills will begin on Saturday. 

Ideally, these practices would answer a lot of questions we Rebels are still asking. How does the offensive line look (aside from gargantuan)? Which quarterback amongst Barry Brunetti, Randall Mackey, and Zack Stoudt appears to be in line to take the starting job. Who of the young wide receivers seems most ready for SEC play? Just what exactly is our defensive depth chart going to look like when we open against BYU? Will David Lee, Keith Burns, and Gunter Brewer really make as much of a difference in this squad?

Thankfully for those of us who are likely unable to attend, the first week of drills will be open to the general public. That means, you guessed it, amateur practice reports(!). Any of you Cuppers in and around Oxford who would like to have your observations - useful, snarky, or otherwise - featured on this here page should take advantage of this opportunity by either writing a FanPost of your own (link's on the right) or emailing the Cup with whatever you'd like mentioned (address is on the left) in our reports. Unfortunately, none of us live in Oxford any longer and cannot do reports as we have in the past on our own, so we're sortof counting on y'all to help make the next week or so worth of content that much more valuable.

Food and drink is in it for you. We don't exactly have mountains of blog dollars to throw around, but we can at least keep your red [BRAND REDACTED] cup filled with sin juice during a game day this fall.