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RCRadio Questions: Cougaracity

The third season of Red Cup Radio will broadcast live tomorrow night, as yours truly alongside Sir Francis Drank, Ivory Tower, and One Man to Beat bring you a whole hour of absolute nonsense geared towards preparing you for the upcoming Rebel football week.

As per custom, a special guest representing this week's opponent will join us. To kick this season off, the guys at Cougaracity (website here, Twitter here) will dial in and keep us entertained for, oh, fifteen minutes or so. If there is anything you'd like them to discuss in particular, or any questions you'd like them answered, leave them in the comments thread here. Do it so we can tailor the podcast to fit around what it is you'd like to hear.


What: Red Cup Radio

When: Tomorrow at 8:00 CENTRAL

Where: The internet, idiot

With Whom: Cougaracity

Leave your questions below.