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Rebel Roundup - August 30, 2011

BYU oftentimes performs a haka before games. Let's hope they perform this one. (HT: j_barkley)

Rebels Eye a Better Beginning | Hugh (David) KellumCheeseburger... right guys?
Brandon Bolden worries that, if the Rebels open the 2011 season with a loss a la last season, a similar rippling effect of losses could take place. "We feel that if it happens the same way as it did last year, we're probably going to go 4-8 again." Sheesh.

BYU has a 'statement' opener vs. Ole Miss | College Football Nation Blog - ESPN
We'll see how much of a statement it is once the season wraps up. If BYU wins against Ole Miss, then Texas, then runs the table with both Ole Miss and Texas doing well in their respective conferences, then sure. If they beat us and the 'horns, though, just before we both collapse in 2010 fashion, then it won't be very much of a statement whatsoever.

Redemption on the minds of Ole Miss Rebels | The Commercial Appeal
True, redemption is on our mind, but not in a significant sense of the word. As it stands now, I'd say a bowl berth would redeem our program in the eyes of most.

Cougar receivers versus Ole Miss corners: Great match-up | Deseret News
Um... No it's not.