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The Cup's Pick 'Em is READY!

It's here. The Cup's pick 'em is back and ready for your picks. This season, Gameday Depot (which is SBNation's brand spankin' new shop for things like t-shirts and more t-shirts) is providing a $50 gift certificate to the season-long winner of the 2011 Red Cup Rebellion College Football Pick 'Em Pool and $10 gift certificates to one winner each week. I put those in bold because it's important and noteworthy.

We've got to put up the official rules of the contest, something which we haven't had in years past because we weren't actually giving things away - or were we? Oh well. Regardless, the gist of it is that you can't win more than one pool across the SBN network (other sites are doing this as well) so don't even bother entering other sites' pools if winning is all you care about. If mocking people for their poor understanding of college football is your bag, however, go ahead and enter as many of these as you like. Just remember, you're only eligible for one prize a month or something. 

So if you haven't joined up yet, head over to Fun Office Pools and join the pool named "Red Cup Rebellion Pool". You have until kickoff on Thursday, September 1 to join up and make your picks, so sign up, get your picks in, and spread the word if you'd like.

The games from which you'll get to pick this week are:

  • Boise State vs. Georgia
  • Colorado at Hawaii
  • Colorado State at New Mexico
  • LSU vs. Oregon
  • DA U at Maryland
  • Northwestern at Boston College
  • South Florida at Notre Dame
  • SMU at Texas A&M
  • UCLA at Houston
  • BYU at Ole Miss

Yeah, there weren't that many good SEC matchups to choose from. Sorry.