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RCR's Loose Football Week Schedules

Just before we kick off 2011-12's inaugural HATE WEEK, I would like to share with you the loose schedule we will be working with here at the Cup. Our goal is to have multiple pieces of fresh content up for you every single weekday of football season, especially those days spent in anticipation of an SEC game. This way, you can best maximize your classroom or office time wasting opportunities.

Here's what we're looking at right now.


  • Game Recap - We'll kinda rotate this one around a good bit, but Mexter DcCluster will be getting most of the snaps at this duty.
  • Rebel of the Game Poll - You'll get to vote! It will be fun!


  • 3 Things That Changed the Game - Juco will use this space to examine exactly what went right or wrong with the Rebels.
  • Pick 'em results and picks for the week - Oh, that reminds me, I need to set this up. Details forthcoming, Cup fans! 
  • Monday Discussion - Same thing that Sir Francis Drank's been doing since he got here. You all seem to enjoy it, so we'll keep it going.
  • HATE WEEK - You know what this is.



  • RCRadio questions - This will be a way for y'all to interact more with the radio show. Before we invite our guests on, we'll give you all a chance to submit questions for us to ask them. 
  • Tuesday Question - Ivory Tower used to do this. He probably won't this go around.
  • BlogPoll and Power Poll - Ivory Tower will handle this, though - the former, at least.


  • Rebs in the Pros - For those of you that watch NFL.
  • RCRadio - Podcastin'! Should be me, Ivory Tower, SFD, and One Man To Beat (calling in from his tractor, per an email sent to me last week). 


  • Around the SEC (East and West) - If you're like most Rebel fans, you either don't care enough or spend too much of your time socializing to pay attention to everything that's going on in the conference. Don't worry, we'll keep you in the loop.
  • Blogger Q and A - This is where we harass other bloggeurs and pester them with jibberish.
  • Guest Column - You'll see, and enjoy it. I promise.
  • TLV when applicable


  • Game preview 


  • Open Thread - We're going to be a bit more robust in our game threads. Instead of just the "Ole Miss vs. So-and-so" type of deal, we're also going to give more information on the game itself. We'll fill you in on television and radio coverage, players to watch, bits of trivia, and so forth. The thread itself, though, will be the typical "oh fuckballs Brishen Matthews just whiffed another tackle SHIT LOLOL" type of commentary we expect from intoxicated, Blackberry wielding Cup readers.
Of course this isn't all of it. We will still have daily-ish link dumps and other random bouts of posting fits to accompany this "schedule," so there will be plenty of content for your perusal. I can't guarantee it'll be any good, but it'll be there, dammit.