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Announcing the SBNation iPhone App!

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iPhone readers of the Cup and other SB Nation communities can now enjoy the best that the network has to offer with the new SB Nation iPhone app. It is sleeker and more versatile than the sites' respective mobile pages; customizeable with team, region, and sport specific alerts; and it allows you to use your existing SB Nation account to log in and leave comments.

Here's what the Cup looks like on the new app:

For further previewin', here's a video of just how the app looks and works. If you like what you see, then pull up the iTunes app store and give it a download (or, if you're on your phone right now, go here and click "Download Now"), will ya? Let us know what you think of it. Rate it and review it. Tell your friends about it. Use it. Love it.

If you've downloaded the app, and have any questions, feedback, or comments you'd like the makers of the app to read, then e-mail

[ED: Android folks, they're gonna have something rolling out for y'all soon enough. Sit tight.]