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Rebel Roundup - August 25, 2011

So You May Be Wondering How BYU is Doing.
What's that? You're not? Well, regardless, check the video out. They're preparing hard for our Ole Miss Rebels, and even make sure to name drop the Grove towards the end (which is a blatant honor code violation). 

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BYU's preparation for opener made easier by Ole Miss QB suspension | The Salt Lake Tribune
Made easier? I'm not sure the plays we would run with Randall Mackey would differ all that much from the plays we would run with Barry Brunetti. Perhaps there will be fewer deep throws called, because Brunetti apparently doesn't have the skill there that either Mackey or Stoudt have, but there will still be enough of the spread option, play action, run around and make wacky throws off of the back foot which somehow result in a 40 yard touchdown we've come to expect from a Houston Nutt coached team.

Mackey suspended for season opener | Bastrop Daily Enterprise
So, Barry, it's all on you now. And Mackey, Bastrop is dissapoint.

Former Jags fight for positions at Ole Miss | Madison County Journal
Byron Bennett and Carlton Martin, two former teammates and classmates from Madison Central, look to wiggle their way into significant, if not starting, roles along the Rebel defensive front. They've got a bit of a fight in front of them, with Jason Jones, Gilbert Pena, and Uriah Grant looking to get a majority of the snaps at the defensive and nose tackle spots. Still, the two Madisonians have the ability to contribute and loads of promise for the future (both are redshirt freshmen).

The SEC's Power Trends (Fun Stat Nerd Tidbit: Florida) | Football Study Hall
Thanks to SBNation's resident football nerds, here's an excellent grapical look at the historical performance trends of every SEC football team. When looking at Ole Miss' performance over the last few decades, what were Football Study Hall's bloggeurs able to conclude?

S-C-H-I-Z-O-P-H-R-E-N-I-A. They've had more ups and downs than one of those old Nintendo cheat codes...

Yeah, and people wonder why we drink so damn much.