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Ole Miss in the Princeton Review, Where Mississippi's Flagship Stacks Up

The Princeton Review, everyone's favorite non-scientific and hardly sensible look at America's colleges and universities, released their notorious rankings yesterday. Ole Miss did fairly well this year in a few categories, many of which are personal points of pride for us Rebels.

Here's how we did:

#14 - Best College Newspaper
People love to dog the Daily Mississippian, but it is both daily and in color, two rareties in the college newspaper world. It's also a significant revenue generator and has a pretty widespread readership. I don't know what it is about Ole Miss and Oxford, but we've always loved (to hate) our DM.

#10 - Happiest Students
When you look this good, you can't help but walk around with a silly smile on your face.

#10 - Lots of Hard Liquor
Well they won't let us drink beer on campus, so what did you expect?

#3 - Major Frat and Sorority Scene
Even though fraternity and sorority members make up roughly one third of the Ole Miss student body, the heavy involvement of fraternities and sororites in campus politics and social life sure makes it seem like the school is overwhelmingly Greek.

#13 - Most Beautiful Campus
The secret? Magnolia trees, everywhere.

#3 - Party Schools
Ole Miss, yet again, misses out on the partying national championship. With Georgia coming in at number two, the Rebels also missed the SEC title in throwing down.

#8 - Great Financial Aid
This is something that Ole Miss really should take more pride in. Lots of students (yours truly included, in my earlier years) are given all sorts of scholarship opportunities as a reward for choosing Ole Miss. The Honors College, Croft Institute, Lott Institute, and others give out some hefty financial aid packages to intice accomplished high school seniors to choose Ole Miss over the likes of Vanderbilt.

#7 - Students Pack the Stadiums

#6 - Students Study the Least
I mean, it's kinda true, right? Most majors are fancified vocational training anyway (accounting? business?) and don't require as much in the way of studying to begin with.

#16 - Best Quality of Life
"Quality of Life" is a vague enough term that it could almost literally mean anything, but I guess this, financial aid, partying, and "happiness" of students go hand-in-hand.

Ole Miss was also named to "The Best Southeastern Colleges" and "The Best 376 Colleges," neither of which seem all that great, but are worthy of mention.