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Rebel Roundup - August 18, 2011

Wildcat Season Prediction | A Sea of Blue
Our SB Nation amigos at the network's Kentucky affiliate think the Wildcats are going to defeat the Rebels. That's fine, and not really that unreasonable. What is interesting though is that they think that their defense will hold our offense to fourteen points. That might be a bit of a stretch.

QB Race Heats Up | The Dispatch
Houston Nutt says that  he likes "all three of them," when asked about Rebel quarterbacks Randall Mackey, Barry Brunetti, and Zack Stoudt, saying he's "not afraid to put any of the three of them in the game." With just a few weeks to go before the Rebs kickoff against BYU, does it not worry anyone that we haven't found a clear-cut winner in this quarterback race? I honestly wouldn't be shocked if Nutt and Lee put any of the quarterbacks on our depth chart out there, at this point.

Mikhail Miller Caught With Wacky Tobaccy | Hugh
Greyshirt freshman quarterback Mikhail Miller was stopped by Oxford Police and caught with possession of that silly grass earlier this month. He plead guilty and paid a $300+ fine. His mother was very disappointed in him.

In a state like Mississippi, where marijuana is decriminalized, this crime is no more egregious in the eyes of the law than, say, a speeding ticket. Still, WE GOT NOTHIN BUT A BUNCH OF THUGS ON OUR TEAM!!1! /clarionleger'd

48 Years Ago Today, Meredith Graduated | New York Times
This is an article I'm sure most of the Sprivals crowd will hate. How dare we be reminded of our past and such, amirite? Anyway, I thought I'd share because it's national press, it's Ole Miss, it's James Meredith, it's interesting, it's important, and so forth.