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Rebel Roundup - August 15, 2011

Senquez Golson Still Considering BoSox Offer |
Look, Senquez, I'mma sell it to you straight - you're a football player. I know, I know, Dandy Dozen in baseball, elite baserunner, great outfield prospect, I get all of that. I'm happy for you there. I am. You're a great athlete. But you know, deep down in your gut, that football is what you want to do. Oh, sure, Boston's throwing some cash your way, no doubt about it, but is it worth it to take their offer now and languish in the minors (have fun in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, if you can) for a few years in favor of earning a fat contract from the Dallas Cowboys in 2015?

Stick with football. It's your thing. If it's not, you'll have three years of experience in an elite (stop snickering) college baseball program to bolster your draft ratings. Win, win, win situation.

And, consider this: if you turn down the Boston Red Sox to stay with the Ole Miss Rebels, you'll become a fan favorite overnight. People will unequivocally love you in Oxford, Mississippi. They won't do that in Massachusetts.

Just think about it and get back to us, Senquez.

Rebels Evaluate Scrimmage Film, Work on Correcting Mistakes | Huge SmellTheBurger (too much?)
While there were some bright spots in Saturday's scrimmage in Vaught-Hemingway, the Rebs still have a long way to go to get ready for the kickoff against BYU. Nutt thinks the defense made some strides, but still thinks that his quarterbacks need to become more consistent offensive weapons.

Ty Hensley Commits to Ole Miss |
This is a big time baseball commitment. Ty Helsley, a tall right-handed pitcher from Oklahoma (Oklahoma; it's OK!) committed to the Rebs this past weekend over Texas and Arizona State. Per some pundits, this is the best Rebel baseball recruiting class ever, assuming they all stay on board after the MLB draft.

Dan Jones Likes Ole Miss' Ratings | Commercial Appeal
Dan Jones is happy that the university was listed by Forbes as a "best buy" college, which is a "bang for your buck" type of rating which weighs a school tuition against the educational opportunities it provides. Jones ain't so happy, though, about our #3 party school ranking per the Princeton Review. I'm not so happy with it either, Dan, because we should contend for the partying national championship year-in and year-out.