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Texas A&M to the SEC? What Do Ole Miss Fans Think?

 If you haven't yet heard the rumors that the Texas A&M Aggies are considering jumping the Big XII - II's ship to join the Southeastern Conference, then you haven't been paying attention. The rumors are everywhere, and hard to ignore even as a casual fan of the sport.

Their reasoning for leaving their conference would be identical to those of Nebraska, now of the Big Ten + Two, and Colorado, now of the Pac 12 (those west coasters were smart enough to actually change the number), and that's because the Big XII is a conference which is de facto owned and operated by the University of Texas. The biggest indicator of this is the fact that Texas rakes in a significant chunk of the conference's television revenue, instead of evenly distributing the monies a la most other conferences. While schools like Baylor and Iowa State might be perfectly content being "along for the ride" in the Longhorn express, Texas A&M (and perhaps Oklahoma and Mizzou) sure as hell aren't.

So let's say they do make the jump and create a lopsided 13-team SEC. How do you feel about this? Will they 'croot well in this conferece? Will they bring even more money into the SEC (most assuredly, yes). Will their programs be competitive? Will they mesh culturally? Will this cause other programs to jump over as well?

Tell us what you think. Let's get some good discussion going on this August Friday afternoon because, come on, you're not doing anything important right now.