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Rebel Roundup - August 12, 2011

Coaches on the hot seat | ESPN
ESPN's metaphor here is weak, if not downright bad.

Nutt's tenure at Ole Miss has been kind of like drinking a cheap beer. The first couple of sips weren't bad, but then the beer tasted pretty flat.

As a former avid consumer of cheap beer (30 Keystones for $10? That's what I lived on during my junior year.), I would suggest that such a metaphor would be more apt were a coach to have been so poor for the first few seasons that everyone just stopped giving a collective damn. Something like "the first three beers tasted like garbage, but after you made it that far, you just said 'screw it' and finished the rest of the case, before blacking out in a dumpster."


A closer look at Ole Miss' facilities announcement | Veazey
Kyle Veazey is excited over Ole Miss' upcoming facilities upgrades.

Rebels' QB trio makes strides | Hugh
In yesterday's practice, the Rebs installed some read-option plays. Barry Brunetti and Randall Mackey, both being more mobile than Zack Stoudt, did well in these offensive sets, as we'd expect them to. If we go with Stoudt as our starter, I'd wish for a pro-set style offense. If we go with Brunetti or Mackey, I'd hope for a read-option look.

Brunetti finding his way at Ole Miss | College Football Nation Blog - ESPN
ESPN's Edward Aschoff looks at Barry Brunetti's development over the past year from a backup West Virginia Mountaineer to the likely starter for the Ole Miss Rebels against BYU.