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Rebel Roundup - July 5, 2011

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Happy Independence Day +1
I hope you celebrated the 235th anniversary of the end of monarchical rule over these United States appropriately - with explosions, alcohol, and fatty foods.

Ole Miss athletes enroll in classes |
Every baseball and basketballer expected to be on campus is, so now the holdup is on three footballers: wide receiver Tobias Singleton, linebacker Marcus Mayers, and defensive back Aaron Garbutt. Singleton's caught in a web of NCAA red tape over his ACT score, Mayers is going to enroll in JCJC, and Garbutt took a wrong turn at Albuquerque (obscure, antiquated cartoon references aren't above the Cup, no sir).

UGA, Ole Miss Holding SEC Football Hot Seat Elimination Game | FairWeather Report via SB Nation Atlanta
Godfrey's bringin' in some SBNation cash so we're gonna toss a dozen clicks or so his way to make sure he earns it. Whose seat is warmer, Houston Nutt or Mark Richt's? That's what Godfrey's exploring in his most recent contribution to SBNation's Atlanta hub site.

More Twitter bans coming from coaches? | SEC Blog - ESPN
CJ Johnson isn't the first athlete - hell, he's not even the first Ole Miss athlete - to get in trouble for inappropriate tweetin'. He certainly won't be the last, either. But with the recent Twitter flubs and subsequent disciplinary actions seen across seemingly all athletics, will coaches begin to ban social networking altogether?

Former Ole Miss QB transfers to SE Louisiana |
Why is the LA Times reporting this? Regardless, Nathan Stanley's headed to SELA where he'll be eligible to start right away. Best of luck, Nathan.

Thees to lead Ole Miss women's softball |
Yes, we've hired a new softball coach and, yes, we're reporting it here on le Cup. What do you need to know about Wendy Thees?

In six seasons at Memphis, Thees compiled a 184-154 overall record and guided the team to the Conference USA Championship Tournament each of the last five years.

Seems like a good hire to me.