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Rebel Roundup - July 27, 2011

Ole Miss named great school to work for | Oxford News
While not sports related, it is interesting to see that the Chronicle of Higher Education has, for the third straight year, listed Ole Miss as one of the top ten universities in America to work for. I can't lie; I'd love to work for Ole Miss (DID YOU HEAR THAT, DAN?) and I think I'd do quite well in whatever capacity they'd have me, including janitor.

In Jackson, Nutt stirs up more Egg Bowl drama | More Clarion Ledger

For now, click this. Later this morning, I will recap last night's event in Jackson. Like Jacob in the most important parts of the Losties' lives, I was there.

Reports: Masoli, Cornell agree to NFL deals | Clarion Ledger

Jeremiah Masoli, Jonathan Cornell, and LaMark Armour all signed deals as undrafted free agents after the NFL ended their lockout. As Ghost posted yesterday, Masoli's headed to San Francisco. Cornell will be a Titan, and Armour will join America's team. Congrats, gentlemen.

Chat: Derek Dooley, Houston Nutt | SportsNation - ESPN

Get caught up on the chat session Houston Nutt had with ESPN and ESPN viewers earlier this week by clicking this link. See where the poor schmuck typing out Nuttspeak for ESPN mentions "Brian Bennet," "Gilber Pena," "Joe Kite," and other Ole Miss Rebels of mention and misinterpretation. It's nice to see that Houston doesn't know the actual first names of defensive starters.